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Terms and Conditions:
In the event client cancels or postpones this agreement for reasons other than death, incapacitation, or natural disaster, client will indemnify a reasonable amount for losses incurred. In the event services are rendered and full payment has not been received, there will be a 1.5% charge per month. Both parties agree to submit any disputes to an objective third party for arbitration. Explicit content will not be displayed to audiences under the age of 17 (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Costs, Fees and Overtime:
This agreement contains a $50.00 booking fee due with deposit or you may pay with remaining balance. When feasible, client(s) request for extended time during event will be accommodated. Overtime requested will be made in half hour increments only at a cost of $50.00 per half hour. Payment for overtime is due at the time of request, and may be made with the aforementioned cash, cashiers check, debit, credit card, or money order.

The Client (s) Shall Ensure That:
Facility provides TBTS LLC© with a sturdy covered table in an area within 25 ft of a 110-volt outlet (3-prong grounded), or 220 volt 60 amp service-circuit box within 75 ft if sound is to be provided.
Facility is open at least two hours prior to scheduled start time.
Reasonable steps will be taken to protect TBTS LLC© equipment, personnel, and music. Crowd control will be provided if warranted.
Outdoor performances, shelter is provided that completely covers and protects TBTS LLC© equipment from adverse weather conditions.
Client(s) accepts full responsibility for safety of TBTS LLC© personnel and is liable for any damages, injuries or delays that occurs as a result of failure to comply with these provisions. In the event of circumstances deemed by TBTS LLC© to present a real or implied threat of injury or harm to any TBTS LLC©/Employee(s), or equipment, then TBTS LLC© reserves the rights to cease performance until such time as client(s) resolves the situation. TBTS LLC© further reserves the right to deny any guest access to equipment. TBTS LLC© refers to Too Blakk Too Strong Muzik Group LLC©

To submit payment you agree to all of the above terms, conditions, fees and provisions. Deposit is non refundable unless date is not available.

In respect of the conjoint promises and arrangements of the parties hereto, as hereinafter set forth, it is agreed as follows:

1.  This agreement is contracted through a representative of Too Blakk Too Strong Muzik Group LLC, which is considered on this agreement the Artist’s Agent, who clearly warrants that he is authorized by the Artist to fulfill this agreement on behalf of the Artist.

2.  The Artist, agrees to perform on the date and time indicated above. It is mutually agreed that the performance(s) will start promptly at the time(s) indicated.

3.  The Promoter agrees to pay full compensation for the performance. The total payment agreed upon by client(s) and Too Blakk Too Strong Muzik Group LLC will be in return email. To confirm this agreement, submit complete form along with 50% retainer fee of payment. The 50% is a non-refundable retainer that guarantees the execution of this agreement by all parties. The balance is due on the date of the performance and shall be paid by following: PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BY: Cash, Pay Pal, Cashiers Check, Debit Card, Credit Card or Money Order.    PAYABLE TO:  Too Blakk Too Strong Muzik Group LLC  P.O. Box 9962 Jackson, MS 39286

4.  Travel, lodging, meals, etc. are to be arranged by Too Blakk Too Strong Muzik Group LLC unless otherwise indicated:

5. In the event promoter cancels or postpones this agreement for reasons other than death, incapacitation, destruction of venue, regulations of public authorities, or natural disaster, promoter will indemnify a reasonable amount for losses incurred. In the event services are rendered and full payment has not been received, there will be a 1.5% charge per month. Both parties agree to submit any disputes to an objective third party for arbitration. Explicit lyrics will not be presented to audiences under the age of 17 (NO EXCEPTIONS).

6.  With respect to liability, the Artist is responsible for his or her own liabilities until accompanied by Promoter or Representative, and the Promoter announces its self-insured status for their own liabilities.

7.  This agreement, including any additions thereto and any compensation payable under the terms hereof, cannot be allocated or removed without the conjoint written consent of all parties and contains the full understanding of all parties respecting the subject matter hereof.  It is also understood and agreed that the Promoter makes no representations or agreements, oral or otherwise, outside the terms of this Agreement which add to, differ, or conflict with the provisions hereof.  Any unsupported outside representations or agreements have no power or effect upon the rights or duties of the Promoter hereunder.  No terms, provisions, or conditions of this agreement may be altered, revised, or added except upon the execution of a written agreement by all parties.

8.  The Artist agrees not to accept any other engagement for a performance during a period from the execution of this contract through the date noted for performance within 50 miles of the city of performance without advance, written permission from the Promoter. In the event of any prohibited performance prior to those stipulated for under this contract, then this contract may be canceled at that choice of the Promoter without any burden.  In the event of any such prohibited performance, the Artist will be obligated to pay the Promoter the full amount of deposit and any liquidated damages or documented out-of-pocket expenses for aforementioned event, immediately upon demand.

9.  The Artist agrees to furnish via Internet the following amounts of advertising and promotional material needed for marketing.
At a reasonable time after contracting the following materials (i.e.):

One press kit with short info.
Photos and or video for flyers, posters, television advertisement etc.
Voice recording drop for commercial if requested.
Service pack including clean music for radio advertisement.

10. The Artist understands these are minimum requirements and that the Promoter will specify others if needed. On day of event Artist agrees to radio interviews and or reasonable retail visits if time permits.

Stage and Technical

11.  In the event of stage needs the Artist will provide the Promoter with such needs at least 2 weeks prior to performance date.  Such needs will include, but are not limited to minimum area desired; light equipment; sound equipment; size of cast. All parties will determine stage crew requirements.

12.  The Artist’s staff will supervise the unloading, loading, staging, and operating the production. It is understood that the Promoter has a suitable staff to receive the production and to provide all needed assistance to the Artist’s staff.  These personnel will be available at the request of the Artist and/or Agent.

13.  The Artist agrees to sound-check, setup and rehearse before opening time in order to assure time for cleaning of venue, stage, and backstage areas, also to allow a break for venue staff. The Artist attests that all staging and /or set decor will be capable of withstanding the standard match test as set forth in the city Fire Code.  Scenery and set decoration will be subject to fire inspection by the Promoter’s Local Fire Department.

14.  The Promoter agrees to have the stage ready for setup and to have a Stage Manager accessible for sounding on the day of the engagement or the day of the first performance.

 Sound, Production and Engineering

15.  If the Promoter and Artist conjointly agree to use a sound system for the performance(s) contracted herein, then the Promoter shall provide sound equipment appropriate for the venue as defined by the Promoter’s Audio Director. The Artist shall provide any additional sound equipment.  The Promoter is responsible for the placement of all sound equipment.  It is further agreed that all audio levels will be set in consultation with Promoter’s Sound Engineer.


16.  This agreement may include rider(s).  This agreement is not binding until Promoter, Artist and/or Agent have submitted complete form and deposit has been paid.

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