1. Respect our equipment better than your own.

2. Client must have proper identification. (A Valid state issued ID will be needed).

3. Equipment is for use at venue described here only, unless described differently on this document.

4. If you damage it you are responsible for repair immediately. (Professional technicians only).

5. Client must pick up and return equipment unless sound engineer or DJ is required. (Electrical Items in Enclosed transportation only)
A delivery fee of $150.00 will be applied if delivered unless DJ or sound engineer is needed then the fee will be discounted down to $50.00.

6. If theft occurs equipment a member of Too Blakk Too Strong Muzik Group LLC must be contacted immediately to recompense for all items stolen and or damaged.

7. There is a $50.00 processing fee due with this agreement. NO FEES! NO RENTAL! (If you were a friend you would have helped purchase this equipment).

8. If equipment is not returned upon expiration of this agreement prosecution will be applied. NO EXCEPTIONS!

9. Make sure you keep agreement and receipts for your records.

10. No one outside client and qualified TBTS LLC© personnel are to handle and operate equipment. (Remember you are responsible)

Terms and Conditions:
In the event client cancels or postpones this agreement for reasons other than death, incapacitation or natural disaster, client will indemnify a reasonable amount for losses incurred. In the event services are rendered and full payment has not been received, there will be a 1.5% charge per month. Both parties agree to submit any disputes to an objective third party for arbitration. Explicit content will not be displayed to audiences under the age of 17 (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Costs, Fees and Overtime:
The aforementioned $50.00processing fee and delivery fee is due with deposit or you may pay with remaining balance. When feasible, client(s) request for extended time during event will be accommodated. Overtime requested will be made in half hour increments only at a cost of $100.00 per half hour. Payment for overtime is due at the time of request, and may be made with the aforementioned cash, cashiers check, debit, credit card, or money order.

The Client (s) Shall Ensure That:
Facility provides TBTS LLC© with a 220 volt 60 amp service-circuit box within 75 ft if sound is to be provided.
Facility is open at least eight hours for small packages or twenty four hours for large packages prior to scheduled start time.
Reasonable steps will be taken to protect TBTS LLC© equipment and personnel. Crowd control will be provided if warranted.
Outdoor performances, shelter is provided that completely covers and protects TBTS LLC© equipment from adverse weather conditions.
Client(s) accepts full responsibility for safety of TBTS LLC© personnel and is liable for any damages, injuries or delays that occurs as a result of failure to comply with these provisions. In the event of circumstances deemed by TBTS LLC© to present a real or implied threat of injury or harm to any TBTS LLC©/Employee(s), or equipment, then TBTS LLC© reserves the rights to cease performance until such time as client(s) resolves the situation. TBTS LLC© further reserves the right to deny any guest access to equipment. TBTS LLC© refers to Too Blakk Too Strong Muzik Group LLC©

To submit payment you agree to all of the above terms, conditions, fees and provisions. Deposit is non refundable unless date is not available.


Pay Sound Deposit Below by Store or PayPal.

To fill and submit this form legally binds you to the terms above.

Rental Form

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